Winters, CA

"To understand how power works is to know the flow of energy"     Andrale Marie'

Energy Consultation

Solar Installation

Attention to detail is the secret ingredient to a successful solar installation. Our first goal is to educate our clients if solar is right for them and if they qualify based on location, roof space and electrical requirements. 

Battery Storage

Battery storage is the next phase in maximizing your solar energy performance. When night falls, energy storage will continue to power your needs during peak energy use hours.

Off Grid Solutions

Whether you live on a farm, a remote cabin or need to power the granny unit, off grid solar is the key to energy freedom.

Kelly Green Solar also sizes Bimodal systems.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Plug-in electric car sales are projected to double in 2018. Combining Solar with an EV vehicle will dramatically save you money in the long run especially when combined with battery storage. Imagine no more gas stations! 


At Kelly Green Solar we love aesthetics!

Take your energy consultation one step further with our eye on detail and what looks best. We review new home plans, existing plans, ground mount locations, equipment placement, module racking, color, and glare. 

Energy Audits

Sometimes solar is not the right option for those interested in going solar. We can start you off in the right direction in collecting your yearly kilo watt usage and determine the cost vs. the gain of investment. Detailed audits are also available.